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About us

1971 Foundation of the SBK company as plastics processing company by Mister Siegfried Böhnisch. During the first years of our existence, we mainly produced technical plastic parts for industry and trade, for example: dowels, packing tins and reels.

1978 At the end of the 70s, solar and heat pump technology allowed for a big boom. We enlarged our production range to include: Distributors and pipe sockets, reducing sockets and pipe clamps for power fences and ditch collectors. The requirements in these fields led to the development of a completely new plastic distributor for solar technology and for the floor heating field.

1981 marked the birth of the SBK Heating circuit distributor range 3000 with integrated air chamber insulation, lockable flow valve and SBK flowmeter for volume control in the return valve. For this world novelty, several international patents and design patterns have been granted. Analoguous to the distributor types 3000, the heating circuit distributor ranges 2000 and 1000 have been developed in addition, which can also be used as sanitary secondary distributors.

1984 After the market called for a durable water distribution system, the idea of a completely new water distributor made of plastic material was created. Our main focus was to develop a durable valve function of easy motion. This aim was realised by developping a bellow-type valve. We also paid attention to an attractive design with – at the same time – having the highest quality and allowing for a simple and time-saving assembly. The result of this development was the SBK Water manifold series 4000 1¼" x 1" with an excellent cost-performance-ratio.

1999 In order to be able to fully utilize the comfort of floor heating and the flexibility of the radiator energy, we have developed the SBK TwinCo 3000 distribution station. This system allows to connect both radiators and floor heating circuits to a single distributor. The electrical control offers three different control possibilities for the floor circuit.

2001 In order to come up to our slogan "The flexible distribution manifold system for installations and heating systems", we have further enhanced our water distributor. The follow-up model SBK Water manifold 4001 1¼" x 1" now allows to realise outflows to above and to below in the very same distributor. This means that a costly tube guiding with installation is no longer necessary, should outflows to above and below be needed. This not only saves time and money for the pipe fitter, but he also makes a big impression on his customers every time he uses products.

2004 The SBK Multipurpose manifold 5000 combines all the advantages of our well-known SBK distributor systems. The modular system makes it possible to self-install any individually required distributor from the smallest stock and within the shortest time. Self-insulation of the distributor is achieved by using integrated air chambers, the outflows are turnable by 180° each, flow and return can be individually locked. The patented flowmeter in the return segment allows for a hydraulic adjustment of the individual distributor outflows without any problems. The flow optimised geometry leads to a minimum pressure loss, an important requirement in particular for brine plants. The SBK Multipurpose distributor is the optimum product for industrial floor heating, use of geothermal energy and irrigating plants.

2006 The Multizone 3000 is a further development of the Heating circuit distributor range 3000. Until now, several heating circuit, laid in one room, had controlled separately with appropriate material and installation costs. Now this is possible with only one control area. The SBK-Multizone 3000 can easily combine 2 or 3 heating circuits into one control zone due to its modular nature. Thus, these combined heating circuits are controlled with only one actuator. The Multizone 3000 confronts the elaborate installations with an economically and practically distribution-solution. The summary of individual circuits to one control area saves material and costs. All the quality features and benefits from the Heating Manifold 3000 remain. Also the living-comfort does not suffer, because within the control area, the water levels are adjusted separately. This is possible through the flow meters in the return of the heating circuits. To design is to be noted: Also elaborate installations benefit from a clear and user-friendly layout and description of the control elements.

Besides the heating and sanitation items, our production range also includes technical plastic parts. We are in a position to implement our own plastic parts or customized plastic parts from the very idea up to the complete product on our premises.

The ideas are implemented in our CAD-aided design division taking the requirements of the individual plastic material into account, and then the required injection moulds are manufactured in our own mould making division which is equipped with the most modern CNC-machines.

We are manufacturing these technical plastic parts up to a weight of 350 grams on our injection moulding machines with a mould clamping force of up to 150 tons. Our customers are well-known companies from all fields of electrical engineering, automotive engineering and fastening technology.