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TwinCo 3000 Manifold Station

TwinCo 3000 Manifold Station combined floor heating with radiators

An compact economical solution for a combined infloor/radiator heating system for comfort and flexibility. Heating water flows from the supply manifold through the infloor heating pipes – during which it cools down – and then into the return manifold. Here it is mixed with the supply water from the heat generator (boiler, gas circulator) and then directed back into the supply manifold by a circulator. This pump also serves as the transport pump of the water in the underfloor heating circuit. The volume of hot water coming from the heat generator is controlled by a valve. However, in this particular case, the boiler flow is connected to the underfloor distributor return flow and the boiler return flow is connected to the underfloor distributor flow. The control valve is positioned in front of the supply line of the underfloor return distributor beam.

Tempus controls the pump and the valve which influences the flow of heating water into the return flow distributor. If the required flow temperature has not been reached, the valve is opened. If the required flow temperature is exceeded, the valve is closed. The valve opens and closes slowly in small steps.

  • Combination of radiator and underfloor heating circuits in the same manifold
  • as complete assembled unit or self assembly kit available
  • Modular design
  • first circuit for radiator integrated
  • Individual modules made from glass fiber reinforced plastic material are corrosion resistant and resistant to ageing
  • Outlets reversible upwards and downwards within the same manifold.
  • The controller SBK Tempus can work in three different modes
    - Constant flow temperature
    - outside temperature controlled flow temperature
    - Boiler controlled flow temperature
  • Optimized height of the construction
  • Return modules with integrated, adjustable patented flowmeter
  • Fully wired and functionally tested

Some Illustrations contain special accessories and extras