SBK - Flexible distribution manifold systems made of engineered plastic
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Section Water manifold
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Heating manifold

Heating manifold / Professional for renovation

  • available as modular system or pre assambled manifold
  • Main connection left or right as desired
  • Modules turnable up and down. Thus, distribution outlets up and down in the same distributors are possible.
  • Axle size 55 mm. Flexible axle size for renovation purposes.
  • All the components are sealed by O-rings
  • All connection threads made of brass
  • Minimal pressure drop by flow-optimized geometry
  • Distinct colour definition of supply (red) and return (blue) manifold modules.
  • Can be used with any type of water quality
  • Individual modules made from glass fiber reinforced plastic material are corrosion resistent and resistant to aging
  • Self-insulating throug integrated air chambers
  • Temperature range –20°C to + 90°C
the modular system
The modular system

The system consists of four different components. Even a small stock allows highest flexibility. Any desired manifold variant can be assambled within a very short time.

Time needed to assamble a 10-circuit manifold about 5 min.

Easy installation:

  1. Cut threaded rods to length and screw into main connector block.
  2. Slip on individual modules (pay attention to position of O-Ring)
  3. Install end plate with plastic cover inside
  4. Tighten nuts until modules are placed snug side by side.
Professional for renovation

Spacer modules make the renovation easily.
The possibility to use the spacer modules in various thickness (5, 20, 45, or 55 mm), the manifold fits into existing installations with given axis dimensions, not vice versa. Spacers also obtainable with millimetre precision (5 - 55 mm). Of course, also available with pre-assembled manifolds.

5-years warranty

Some Illustrations contain special accessories and extras